Monday, 12 April 2010

Maz's class Weds March 24

Hi All! Maz here- with news of my class next Weds night. There are a few spaces available to book before we have to freeze the numbers and order the kits. I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at what we'll be doing, in case you haven't already booked. The class will be suitable for any type of photo; boys/girls, whatever. Try to bring a landscape format 6" wide x 4" tall photo if you can, but if that's a problem we can make it work with any size or shape. It's an easy class with a simple but 'interesting' layout, but you'll be able to jazz it up with your own embellishments, so if you want ,bring extra brads and buttons if you want to go embelly-mad! (I totally encourage that:))
Other things you might like to bring;
Any size circle punches that you have at home, though there will be some at class to borrow
Fine cutting scissors
Glue or glue dots
A poky thing to make holes for your brads (can't remember what they're called:()
A small brown inkpad for fine edges

Other than that everything will be included in the kit.

If you'd like to book please let Lou know asap.
See you Wednesday, hopefully!

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