Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Jane Dean Saturday 2 May

Jane Dean will be teaching the class on Saturday and has sent us a sneak preview of this fabulous project;

This class was created by Karen Burniston in the USA and Jane has the licence to teach it here in the UK. The class 
can be adapted to either winter, family or travel themes.
9 sheets good quality cardstock (can be all the same colour or matching colours)
(Alternatively 8 pieces of 6x12 chipboard and 1 sheet cardstock plus paint
to cover chipboard)
6 sheets matching patterned paper
Book rings or bind it all tool & wire

All photographs can be added later

Adhesive. I use glue sticks to cover the whole area, PVA glue and a
will work well but obviously it's not acid free. Each page is made by
covering the surface of 12x12 cardstock and folding it in half. Once
it adds strength to the pages.
Double sided strong sticky tape
Scoring tool
Sharp cutting knife and spare blades
Metal ruler
Cutting mat
Ink pad to ink edges of paper if required
Hole punch or bind it all

For more information contact Louise or Pam.

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