Saturday, 21 February 2009

Photography ideas... a message from Maz

Hi Album Trackers! Pam has recently emailed those of you who have expressed an interest in joining in with the album track classes; a year in your life. You might like to take photographs of some of the following;

- your wardrobe
- your shoes
- tip your handbag on the floor and just take a photo of it
- jewellery
- take photos of things you do every day
- your make up
- your toiletries
- driving
- what do you eat for breakfast
- do you do exercise or do you take a dog for a walk
- do you use a computer, if you do take a photo
- take photographs of things you treasure (ie. a special ornament, a teddy, a piece of clothing)

- maybe take photos of things you do that other people might not know about you or your life
- take photos of things that really matter to you
- do you wear a uniform for work
- do you like to have a certain drink during the day (ie. glass of wine in the evening!)
- do you wear glasses or contact lenses
- do you wear slippers in the house, if you do take a photo of them...

Sometimes I take my camera around with me all day just to record the daily details- it's amazing what little snippets you can record just by having the camera with you all the time!
I think these little chunks of our daily lives will be priceless to look back on when we're older; for me, photography is not just about the high days and the holidays!

Try taking things from different angles- above, below, sideways... try snapping the detail- a label on a winebottle; your child's hands, dog's nose....

If you'd like more inspiration, you can see more on my blog Diving For Pearls. Follow this link or this link for ideas for photographing the every day.

If you'd like any help with ideas or tips on photography, please do get in touch- I'd love to hear from you!

Maz x

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