Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Crazy Summer Days at Chepstow Pink Scrappers!

June was an amazing month for the club with two exceptional, but very different classes with our friends from the US, Teresa Collins and Karen Burniston. We had a message from Teresa;

Please tell everyone at the club that I LOVED meeting everyone. It was such a nice night.
Ty said to tell you each thanks so much. Chepstow was the highlight of our trip!!!!!! So thank
you, thank you so much.

It was so nice to know that Teresa and her husband had a great day here in Chepstow - they both felt very comfortable and appreciative of the warm welcome they received at the Club.

Our night with Karen Burniston was something else!! I think all of us thought there was no way we were going to be able to do a double page layout with 2 flying CDs coming out of folded cards and an acrylic daisy chain album, but most people (almost) finished both. Karen is technically amazing. She can make paper 'pop' like nobody else!!! She really enjoyed her time here in Chepstow and went on to Scrap a Ganza in Stratford upon Avon for the weekend, teaching some more of her wonderful layouts.

I know Karen got to talk to everyone who was there in the class last night, but if you weren't - Karen does 'Home Construction Kits', which means that you can purchase a kit from her website - she will then send you via email the pictures and very comprehensive instructions (plus diagrams) on how to complete the layout. She brought along to the class lots of examples of her layouts and mini books, but I think everyone's favourite was the pop up house, it was brilliant (the instructions for this layout are available to buy in her Home Construction section).
The web address for the Home Construction section is:
These kits are approximately $15 (£7.50), which is fantastic value for money. Take a look, she also said she will be adding more layout instructions very soon.

We'd love some feedback on these classes. What did you enjoy? Did you finish? Any ideas for more wonderfully creative evenings? Leave us a comment!

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